Hi Everyone,

I am having issue with dynamic sorting when I use Structure as source to my widget. Data doesn't get sorted when clicked.I am not sure what is the format to be set to the "RichWidgets\List_SortColumn". Tried couple of format and none of them seem to work. So have the details have been provided below.

In this example, let focus on TeamMember attribute just for simplicity.

  1. Get users using an aggregate.
    The sorting is where I am having problem. Highlighted red.

  2. Assign the records to local variable Users
    Users is of type list<structure>. Example : Mapping of TeamMember.

  3. Bind the local variable Users to a Table Records (UserTable) widget

  4. Add sort using "RichWidgets\List_SortColumn"

From what i understood, for the dynamic sorting, we cab specify the <entity>.<attribute> or the Calculate Attributes (if any)

In my case i am not using any Calculate Attributes so I am using <entity>.<attribute>

Dynamic Sort in Aggregate

List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(UserTable.Id, "{UserExtention}.[TeamMember]")



I hope i am clear with my explanation. I suspect this issue is something to do with mapping the data. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. 

Thanks in advance.



Contacted the Outsystems Support. I was refreshing the aggregate but did not assign it to the variable which was the source for my widget.