Unable to fetch attributes from Sun ONE LDAP(Oracle Directory Server) .

Hi all ,

we are Unable to fetch attributes of Users from Sun ONE  LDAP(Oracle Directory Server) which is installed on client's infrastructure through LDAP / AD Directory Components from forge, since its windows based directory server so we can fetch it on our Dev server using LDAP / AD Directory Components. 

Guys can u please help me fetching User's attributes from Sun ONE LDAP(Oracle Directory Server) .

The LDAP / AD Directory Components are not compatible to fetch attributes since it works on windows based directory servers . can  anyone help me. 

And also i want to implent SSO on that environment.

Hi Nitesh,

Can you please post the question in the LDAP component page? http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-discussions/567/LDAP

The Active Directory component won't work because it's windows based, but the LDAP component should work. I don't know enough about how it's implemented to help you, but I can try to find someone who can.