Error converting Statistics WSDL


I've been trying to implement the Statiscs Web Service.

 It expects a Record List Parameter as an Input. On the screen it appears to be passing a Record List in, but I get this error

Conversion of RLDecimalRecordList to web object osedssoapservices.webreferences.statistics.OSCTArrayOfDouble27698 not supported

Any idea what this means? Any idea how to solve it?


Hi Edward

Can you open a support ticket with the OML?



As it was a POC area, I deleted the code, but I can recode it if you like. However, at the weekend, I noticed I didn't get this error in Outsystems 10. I didn't get it to work in 9.1? Could this be the issue? More than happy to recode it for you as it didn't take me long.