Reset or recover admin password on ServiceCenter

This is probably a really dumb question but how do you reset or recover a lost admin password on ServiceCenter, in case you have forgotten it.

That is a really big problem, i don't know if is possible to recover the password of user admin. If have another user with administrator permission, that could be a good work arround, if not probably the solution is install the express edition again.

Nelson Inácio
Hi, if you don't care about the data in your server, you could try to reinstall on a new database.
If this is not acceptable, try to contact
I asked for a change request to add that feature in the future.

Luis Lopes
There was a solution posted here, previously, but it is not supported, nor endorsed by OutSystems. The solution presented might have other collateral impacts, and as such do not resort to it without the clear indication and supervision from the support personnel.

Please contact the support team for such related matters.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
The solution presented before is very dangerous, because shows how to hack the admin password and that kind of solution shouldn't be posted on community.
That post is well deleted.
True, even though you should not have access to the database in the first place unless you are a system administrator.

It is as much a hack as any other way to recover the admin password - you should not be able to do so unless you are the administrator himself ;)

Nonetheless, you are right about it not belonging in the community.


Paulo Tavares

P.S. - Just to clarify, you are never able to recover the admin password, only set it to a different one that you know of, since the passwords are encrypted in the database, and the encryption function is non-symetrical.
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