Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Good morning everyone!

I am doing some research and I wonder if its possible with any outsystems software to build automatically a bus matrix validating only the relations between the dimensions and the metrics in the facts?
And what are the benefits of Outsystems software to a Business Intelligence structure?

Thanks everyone

Hi Ricardo,

Indeed it is possible to build a bus matrix with OutSystems. One way to do it would be to create a screen to enter data (or fetch it from an existing database) and set the dimensions and the validation rules for each dimension. Then you need to create another screen that fetches the data, presents the matrix, and applies the validation rules. The validation rules can be applied using user defined functions (user actions set as functions), for instance.

There are software in the market dedicated to this purpose. What you gain by using OutSystems is flexibility in the construction of your BI engine, without being locked to such specific software functionalities. Eventually, this implies an higher upfront cost, which can give you gains in the future by providing extra flexibility in sustaining your now unknown requirements. You must weight if your problem is fuzzy or specific enough to justify the build of such engine or if an existing software for this purpose is enough to cover your needs.

Hope this answers your question,

Rodrigo Castelo