Cannot Generate APK on my onpremise server


in my company on premise environment, I tried to generate APK, but it failed.

There are 2 symptomps :

1. Generate from server. It stuck on final progress bar.

2. Generate from my laptop. Only circle progress bar appearing.

please kindly help, thanks :)

Hi Tobit,

Have you checked the Service Center Mobile Apps Generation Logs?

There you might get more information on why the generation process failed.


Hi Carlos,

I got this on mobile apps monitoring section.

Error: Failed to request mobile app generation for DanamonFSC_Mobile (Android) - Error calling build service: 

What does it mean ?



I've solved this issue. It is because the firewall of my company.



@tBt , you mind telling me what exactly was being blocked in your firewall that caused this issue?

Hi Riaan, 

my company firewall blocked access to outsystems native builder in cloud.