"Remember Me" login checkbox

"Remember Me" login checkbox

When developing a web site in OutSystems Hub Edition it is a good idea to add a check box "Remember me" in the login page.

Because logging in is something users do often, and in many sites it is an essential first step, this is a _remarkable_ usability improvement.

I often forget to check this wonderful checkboxes, so I would go a step further, I would leave them TRUE as default. I know it is a bit pushy but nobody else uses my P(ersonal)C anyway.

Security, security! I hear everyone screaming.
Ok, I admit it; you really have to know your target to decide on this one.
If your are refactoring Hotmail in OutSystems Hub Edition it is a good idea to leave it empty as default.
Leaving the persistent login checkbox turned on by default poses some security risk when you use shared computers because nobody would remember they had to "unckeck" persistent login. You might as well remove the checkbox.

Anyway, it is not such a bad option as the risk is time limited (persistent login in web only lasts 10 days). Also if an user activates persistent login in a browser it cancels the persistent login in other browsers.