[Local Notifications Plugin] Set custom notification small icon

Forge Component
Published on 17 Jan by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 17 Jan by OutSystems R&D


On the GitHub repository for this plugin in sample there is a field to set notification icon:


    id: 1,
    title: "Production Jour fixe",
    text: "Duration 1h",
    firstAt: monday_9_am,
    every: "week",
    sound: "file://sounds/reminder.mp3",
    icon: "http://icons.com/?cal_id=1",
    data: { meetingId:"123#fg8" }

However on component this parameter is not available.

I can add it by editing the component action but have doubts on what format should the path to the icon be. We have structure and files as n documentation here https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Delivering_Mobile_Apps/Customize_Your_Mobile_App/Modify_the_App_Icon#Icons_JSON_Template

    "resources" : "MyResources.zip",
    "icons": {
        "android": [{
            "resource": "iconAndroid-ldpi.png",
            "density": "ldpi"
        }, ...

should it be local path like "icon:res://iconNameWithoutExtention" or I should place icon as an image and use its URL?

Thank you.