Aggregate running on any "on change" event

I simply love the "aggregate builder" to query data!

I have one serious problem though, when editing the aggregate/query (filters, attribute formulas, groupbys, etc), sometimes Service Studio will become unresponsive (hang) while I'm making changes as it is trying to execute the query before the change is complete.

Then I have to kill the process with task manager. Luckily the "recovery" feature allows me to start where I left off. Once I did have a scenario where it didn't recover and I lost stuff.

But that aside.

My suggestion is to not automatically execute/run the query on any "on change" event, but rather have a "Execute Aggregate" or "Run Aggregate" button. That way I can make changes to my heart's content and execute when I'm done.

Agreed. I've had the same thing happen several times, I didn't realise this was the cause.


Hi CJ Vosloo and Zachary,

Please submit your issue as feedback (Help -> Submit Feedback) to be properly addressed.

The solution you're suggesting, add it as an idea.



António Pereira


Submitted Service Studio feedback and added the idea.

Thanks Antonio.