HTML2PDFConverter Issue in OutSystems 10

Hi Subba,

The screenshot is not helpful enough. Can you add more info? What is your implementation?


António Pereira

Hi António Pereira,

Thank you for the reply.  We wanted integrate PDF conversion into our web application. But before i was testing if HtmlConvertToPdf extension is working or not.  

1. Downloaded HtmlConvertToPdf from forge and added to our on-premises OutSystem platform.

2. Follow and updated all the configuration option as per HtmlConvertToPdf documentation.

3.  Open the client application that comes along with HtmlConvertToPdf extension and testing.  Please see below step-by-step screenshots.

Did the executable files uploaded Successfully? you need to upload your platform OS specific files,  if it is on Windows exe files,  if it is on Linux and Java stack it will be different files. 

Hi Siva,

Thank you for the reply.  

Yes, we did upload the executable files successfully.  Our one is Windows Server and we have uploaded the windows executable.

There are several places you need to check,

1. are you facing same issue when you tried with google/out systems network?

2. Your network firewall should not block the URL you are accessing from platform server

3. Your page should be accessible by anonymous and it should not redirect to login page

4. We faced some issue with MSVC executables, and it worked with MinGW exes

Thank you Siva for the reply.

1. We tried with google/outsystems networks and intranet site. Understood external URL may block by firewall.  However it should work with intranet as it will not go through firewall.

2. I will try with MinGW exes.

I have tried with MinGW.exe and still have the same issue.

Just wanted to check to use HtmlToPdfConverter is it mandatory to set the page as  anonymous ?

Error Detail
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Time of Log:2017-06-13 17:49:02
User: (2)
Session Id:miaeisqoa4vcgnc5l3l0fw5y
Module:Extension metho
Message:Could not find file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\TEMPBWEQJHIOUU00000000000000000000000000000000.pdf'.
Error: Failed loading page http://localhost/OneMBSStar/ (sometimes it will work just to ignore this error with --load-error-handling ignore)
Exit with code 1, due to unknown error.
Environment InformationeSpaceVer: 2 (Id=2621, PubId=2632, CompiledWith=10.0.302.0)
RequestUrl: http://localhost/HtmlToPdfConverter/HowToPDF.aspx (Method: POST)
AppDomain: /LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/HtmlToPdfConverter-253-131413609170294544
FilePath: C:\...\PS\running\HtmlToPdfConverter.0710201672\HowToPDF.aspx
ClientIp: ::1
Locale: en-US
DateFormat: yyyy-MM-dd
PID: 2440 ('w3wp', Started='31/5/2017 5:05:30 AM', Priv=985Mb, Virt=9788Mb)
TID: 224
Thread Name:
.NET: 4.0.30319.42000
Stack:Could not find file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\TEMPBWEQJHIOUU00000000000000000000000000000000.pdf'.
Error: Failed loading page http://localhost/OneMBSStar/ (sometimes it will work just to ignore this error with --load-error-handling ignore)
Exit with code 1, due to unknown error.

   at OutSystems.NssHtmlConvertToPdf.CssHtmlConvertToPdf.MssGeneratePDF(String ssExecutablePath, String ssURL, String ssProxy, String ssOtherArgs, Byte[]& ssPDFBinary, String& ssMessageOutput)
   at ssHtmlToPdfConverter.RssExtensionHtmlConvertToPdf.MssGeneratePDFExtension(HeContext heContext, String inParamExecutablePath, String inParamURL, String inParamProxy, String inParamOtherArgs, Byte[]& outParamPDFBinary, String& outParamMessageOutput)

Yes, The page you want to convert as pdf should be accessible by all. This component sends separate request to the page to create pdf, so session will not be maintained and redirects to login page. 

Please refer below URL, you may get some clue for the file 


Sivaramakrishna Repalle