Good evening team,

I have a requirement that I want to split string on using delimiter as string.

Suppose I have a string as 


So I want to use a delimiter as 'EF' and break the string and Output will look lie this




ABCD .....

Please advice how do I do that.

Many Thanks.

In extension "Text xif", there is a server action called "String_Split" which takes string and delimiters as input parameters and returns List as output parameter.


Sivaramakrishna Repalle

Hi Waseema,

you can check in  forge component for string util operations.

If not available Better you can write an extension in Java/.Net and you can use it.

Hi Waseema,

Out of the box, you can use two functions: Replace (built-in) and String_Split (from the Text extension, like Sivaramakrishna mentioned). First, use Replace to replace the multi-character delimiter to a single one (that you know is not in the input, e.g. Chr(1) or the like). Next, use String_Split to split the output of Replace.


@sivaramakrishna repalle

I have a problem. The user input is something like "2d 5h 30m", which means 2 days 5 hours and 30 minutes. What I want to do is to make this format datetime into how many minutes. So I need to split the string which user input and do the calculation. For String_Split function, I don't know how to deal with the output. Can you show me an example how to do that? 


Hi Nina,

That is a new question, I would advise you to create a new post in the forum.