Problems with container's display option

Hi all!

I´m having a weird problem when i try to do a simple operation.
I have a tab client side widget and in one of the tabs i have a link who change a container's display option (turn false to true).

My application is design to manage auctions and requests for, in requests for side as you can see on previous images it works fine, in auctions side shows me a weird thing.

I'm using the same web block on two sides and thats is what confuse me.

My application was upragraded from version 4 to 10 and have somes broken references, now i'm fixing that and don't know if that aspect is the reason of my problems.

Can somebody gave me a tip?

Thanks in advance

Hi Tiago.

I have seen that happen associated with using the ENTER key after filling a form field. Could you check if that's the case on your application? Do you get those errors only after you press the ENTER key? Or is it always happening? Try using the mouse to click on the buttons, instead of using the keyboard.

If it is related to the ENTER key, then you just need to set one button to be the default button on that screen.

Leonardo first of all thanks for your response but i never use the enter key, my problem is when i click the the link attach document or note on auctions area.

Ok, then it must be something else.

Have you seen if you got any javascript errors? Might also be related to CSS. Another thing that can help is to dump the contents of the DOM before and after the problem happens.

To dump the contents of the DOM, use the following command in the javascript console of your browser, then copy the output:


Yes i have some errors, i will check your tip thanks.

I have this error in my console : " requires the Prototype JavaScript framework >= 1.6.0"

Meanwhile i'm having other issue with feedback message's widget it gaves me this error message on browser's console: "ReferenceError: 'RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_notifyWidget' is undefined".

I think that might be related with the erro that i describe.

Hi Tiago. is a very old javascript framework, as well as Prototype. Are you using any outdated component on that page? I would try removing some components that you don't know exactly what they are doing, until the problem disappears. That's a way of narrowing down the root cause for the problem.

The feedback error could be something else. That error appears when you use your own layouts. The feedback message, to work, needs to have a web block included on the page. All layouts provided by OutSystems already include that web block, so it works. But if you define your own layout, you might forget to add this web block, and you get that error.

The web block is Feedback_Message from RichWidgets. You need to include that web block somewhere in your page - usually at the end of it. After doing that, check if the feedback message works.