OutSystems Platform Community Edition Windows 10 Error code 18


   Trying to install OutSystems Platform Community Edition on Windows 10,

and somewhere at the end, when it says Starting Platform configuration and then continues with DB outsystems creation,  error happens saying that "cannot finish platform server configuration error code 18"

 Is there a way to overcome it?

Hi Kai,

OutSystems Platform Community Edition was replaced by the Personal Edition back in 2014, before the release of Windows 10. You can claim yours here

Regardless, can I ask why are you downloading that version? It's an unsupported version, and, in the meantime, we've released last year OutSystems 10, with a new set of features and capabilities that you can try out for free.

Best regards,

Ricardo Alves

I do want to try Platform Server (installation configuration local DB etc). Personal Edition is an IDE with access to clouds.

I want to train setting it up on premises.

What version I can download to install on windows 10?

I did trey Platform Server v.10, but there was an error with configuration. Cannot connect to SMS.

Can I somehow install 

Platform Server 10.0.503.0 or other versions

 on windows 10 pro?