How to access platform logging data from your eSpace

How to access platform logging data from your eSpace

As you may know, OutSystems Hub Server automaticaly logs system activity. You can browse that information accessing the "Logs" tab in Service Center.

If you want to use or browse logging data from your own eSpace, you can do it by associating external entities to your eSpace in Service Center.

Each kind of log is available in a distinct entity: Log_Cyclic_Job, Log_Error, Log_Screen, Log_SMS, Log_Web_Reference and Log_Web_Service.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please notice that the log entities are recycled. Every Saturday midnight (00:00), logs are rotated. This means that from that moment on, data from previous days is no longer available from Service Center nor your application.
However, it is kept in database. If need to access it, please contact your system administrator.
Please also keep in mind that the data will not be kept in Logs for ever.

For each type of Logs, there are 10 tables. Each table corresponds to one week.

Only the data from the last N weeks are kept in database. The oldest are removed. You may define this number (N weeks) using Hub Server Configuration (Start menu, All Programs / Out Systems Hub Edition / Hub Server Configuration).

Go to "Logs" tab and change Log Cycle Period parameter.