How can we retain data in cloneApplication along with database structure?

Hi Team,

I have clone my application from Main.

I have received the table structure as it is in clone application but data not came.

Is there any way in outsytems to retain data also while  cloning application?

HI Mohammed,

Cloning means making a copy. What you're asking I think, is to copy all data from one application (the old one) to another (the new, cloned one). This is not possible directly. Think of the underlying process, how should it work? Should it be done the moment you clone the eSpace? You're probably doing that on a development environment. What will you do once it's published to test or production? It's no longer a clone there, just a new app.

My advise would be to create logic for copying data from the original app to the new one, if that's what you want. But keep in mind that once it's an independent app, you'll probably only want this once.