How to execute a Web application from an Entry point other than the default

How to execute a Web application from an Entry point other than the default

You can easily launch a Web application by going to the eSpace's page in your Service Center and pushing the button "Test tenant default entry". This will, however, always execute the application from its default Entry point, as defined in the eSpace.

What should you do if you want to execute it from an entirely different Entry point instead?

The way eSpace Entry nodes are reached is via the URL specified. These URL's adhere to the following format

http://<hostname>/<eSpace name>/<entry name>.aspx

for Single-Tenant applications or

http://<hostname>/<eSpace name>/<tenant name>/<entry name>.aspx

for Multi-Tenant applications. If, in any of the above cases, the <entry name>.aspx is omitted, the application's default Entry point is used. This is the URL Service Center uses to launch the default test window. To execute from a different Entry point simply compose the URL by hand or modify the one suggested by Service Center according to the rules above. Please note that <entry name> is the name of the Entry node, not the Flow it’s included in (which may have more than one Entry).

See Topic "How to pass parameters into an application's Entry point" in this forum for further URL related info

NOTE - From version 2.1 onwards, you will be able to launch any entry point directly from Service Studio after you publish it via the improved publish procedure - specifics will be disclosed once this version is released.