I’m currently using the “Tabs” widget and I’m having some problems and weird behaviors.

First, the event OnTabChanged is called sometimes unexpectedly. For instance, if I scroll the content of my second tab, the event is triggered every time I touch the screen.

The another bug that I’m having is related with the navigation between tabs. If I scroll the content of one the tabs and then click the button in the header, the active button change to the one that I had clicked but the content does not change. To see the content of the active tab, you have to tap the screen another time.


 Nelson Mendes

Hi Nelson,

Thaanks for your feedback.

Could you confirm the version of Silk UI Mobile?

I create an example but i can't reproduce the same problem on Tabs. Could you send to me an OML with this issue to see what's happening wrong?


Bruno Marcelino