Mobile - Working offline with multiple eSpaces


We are developing an offline mobile suite application and, due to its size, we chose to split the application into 4 eSpaces: data model (we only have local entities), business logic, authentication (suite) and finally the front end.

If we try to access it offline, we've a problem in accessing the local database ("There was an error processing your request.").

Any suggestion?

Best Regards,

Filipa Soares

Hi Filipa,

"There was an error processing your request" is as general an error as you can get, typically shown when an exception remains unhandled. Have you used your browser's devtools to see if there's an error showing in the console? Have you tried to pinpoint where exactly the error occurs?

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the advice. We will follow your hint.

The thing is that i can't clearly understand if in mobile applications is advisable to split into layers (UI, Business logic, LocalDB etc). Some notes I have found mention that there should be only one espace with screens, but I can't find any mention to LocalDB split from the other espaces.

Bringing all together, how should mobile apps be organized in different espaces, and what are the limitations and recomendations.


Hi Filipa,

A mobile app should have only one eSpace containing screens - you'll notice when creating a mobile application in Service Studio, that you can only add Blank eSpaces after the first eSpace with screens is created.

That said, it is always good architecture to have at least three layers, in seperate eSpaces, the UI, the business logic and the data. Depending on the size of the app, you could e.g. split the business logic into Client and Server logic.