How to pass parameters into an application's Entry point

You should read the topic “How to execute a Web application from an Entry point other than the default” prior to this if you are not aware how URL’s are used to launch specific Entry points.

Parameters are passed into an eSpace via the habitual web-application form i.e. the URL. Simply append “?” to the end of desired Entry point’s URL followed by

<param name>=<value>

pairs (one for each parameter), separated by the character “&”. So, if you want to send in a name and surname into the “SignUp” Entry point in application “Directory” in your “localhost” the URL would be (for a Single-Tenant application)


These parameters are forwarded to the screen immediately after the Entry point, so be sure that the screen has (at least) the Text parameters “name” and “surname” if you want to capture them.
Also remember that you should encode your <value>. There are lots of places that explains what this means. Just search in internet, for example, for "url encoding rules" or similar queries.

For example, if <value> had a space, you should replace them for the '+' char. Also, some chars should be escaped with '%HH' syntax.

As an example, if surname was "Samuel Jackson", the url should be
If you are passing information to through an URL to page inside your application (to do an httpget to page in order to build a rich email, for example) the best way is to pass only the internal table ID of the entity you need to identify that needs no escaping.

The page you are invoking can then query the database in order to get all the rest of the the information it needs to render itself.

You want to send an email to Samuel Jackson a user in you application and you want your email to read "Dear Samuel Jackson". If you pass the name of the recipient as a parameter you need to escape it. If you pass the UserId the email page can then execute a query and get all user information (like the name, etc) to further personalize you email.