TextToDateValidate() function is provided by outsystem itself. The strange thing is that it worked two days ago. But suddenly it doesn't work. It's too strange. Is there anyone know the reason?

I found "TextToDateValidate" is shown as black font in the popup window for "if" condition edit. But the other function (TextToDateTimeValidate, TextToDecimalValidate) are all blue font.

Hi claire,

Which version of SS you are using?

I just checked and I can reproduce your problem. Is "TextToDateValidate" not returning any value?

Hi Claire,

The fact that TextToDateValidate (and some other functions as well) are black instead of blue is a minor bug in the syntax highlighting of Service Studio. Note that TextToDateValidate only works with dates with format yyyy-MM-dd, as far as I know, so maybe someone changed the system date format?

Does TextToDate() still work as expected?