Hi Community,,

I would like to ask something regarding the GET requests in OutSystems.

Currently, I'm using this API to receive messages from mobile texts/sms (http://www.globelabs.com.ph/docs/#getting-started-opt-in-via-sms) . 

I'm using ardo's HTTPGet to debug if the data is really being thrown to my redirect URI and yes they do but the response does not display the parameters. 

The problem is I can't seem to get the parameters (from mobile texts/sms) using the HTTPRequestHandler GetRequests actions.

Did I miss something here? The parameters are being thrown but I can only see them on the error log.

Kind regards,


Hi Louise,

Any reason you are using the HTTPRequestHandler instead of the Platform's built-in REST capabilities?


Hi Killian!

I was using the HTTPRequestHandler before to debug and I didn't try using the REST API before. But now everything is working fine.


[1] My input parameter data type was only integer  it should be long integer that's why the parameters are being thrown in the Error Log instead with error 'Value was either too large or too small for int32'.

[2] I use Expose REST API to catch the POST data.

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