Moving the header row in a table


Like you can see on the attached image I have a table containing members, every member has their own different scores. Now the problem is the header in the table next to the members. Now for my question, is it possible to move the header in my table upwards to the other table with holding the same alignments as my scores. I've tried it with just adding a table in that certain cell but the alignment with the records below don't really seem to be working. I also added an image how i want it to be.

Thanks in advance!


Tables auto-adjust to content. If you combine several tables, it's possible that each one has different measures.

Only the first seems to be different, because the content in all others is formatted to the same size.

1. You can fix that by giving a width to each column. That will make all equal, even in different tables.

2. To make a single table, you just need to identify odd rows to write columns Rnk, Nr, Totaal..