[Custom Input Masks] date mask

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Published on 23 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Huarlem Lima
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Published on 23 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Huarlem Lima

I using two date mask with date format parameter "m" and "y" , then only one mask can work. others invalid.

Hello, I would like to try to help, can you explain your problem better? Provide a sample?

I am also facing same issue.
I have designed a Web-screen with some Input fields and used Data mask for those fields.When I enter the date in those fields
1.Only one Input accepts the date and other field got stuck after 3rd number
2.Unable to copy the date and paste in those input fields where as, it also got stuck with the 3rd number

3.The date can be entered in those fields at first time when web-screen is loaded and after the first try it got stuck

Help me to solve this issue



I couldn't replicate your problem (the attached image didn't help much), but the component was updated with version 5.0.0 of the plugin, I suggest you update it and try with this new version.