[Office 365 Connector] Implementing User log in

[Office 365 Connector] Implementing User log in

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Published on 2015-11-27 by João Martins
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Published on 2015-11-27 by João Martins

I'm trying to make an app that has Azure AD authentication, and I have succeeded, kinda.

First, I registered my application on Azure:

Then I configured the Office365Connector like so:

But how do I progress from here?

I've learned that the Office365Connector's default resource that it wants from Azure is Outlook

But what is the resource-string for Azure Active Directory and, after log in, how can I get the user's details?

Hello Lars,

This connector is specific for fetching emails from an office 365 email account using the Outlook office API, is that what you are trying to accomplish? 

To get user's details you can use the already existent function GetuserInfo under the Utils folder, is that what you need?