My development team is rather new to OutSystems.  One concern they have brought to me is that the SilkUI popup uses an <iframe> in it for the popup contents.  This is causing issues in our UI testing using Protractor.  Is there any other UI popup component which doesn't rely on <iframe>?

I don't know if this is part of the theme or SilkUI itself.  The SilkUI demo here: does not appear to be using an <iframe>.  But I don't know how to get ours to be similar.

Hi Scott,

Did you have look at Richwidgets -> Pop up editor?

You need to design a link which points to screen and name that link.

Drag this component near to the link.

In Id for popup give Linkname.Id and set destination action.

Hope this helps.

Suraj Borade,

Yes, we've used the Popup_Editor.  From my experiments, it seems that a popup which only includes static elements will be <iframe> free.  But as soon as you add a preparation to load data or something which communicates with the server, an <iframe> is added.  I'm guessing it is used to communicate with the server.  Still wondering if there's another way to do it.

Not entirely the same as a popup, but you can have a look at the SILKUI modal.

Tim Timperman,

My team tried using the Modal but it apparently doesn't support using a Form or any interactive content.  My guess is we're stuck with the iframe popup unless we write our own extension.

I agree.

we have some workaround with simple dialog from JqueryUI, but since the outsystems jqueryUI is private, we need to include it double.

shame really, because it can easily be avoided.