Sample sorting algorithms in Service Studio

The attached OML contains a sample eSpace that shows how to code both BubbleSort and QuickSort algorithms in Service Studio.
Just in case you need to sort recordlists.
Do you have an updated oml file for version 5.1?  This way I don't have to install version 4.2.  Thanks!
4.2 version
5.0 version
5.1 version
and for the nostalgic guys...

I was using the Bubble Sort implementation to sort a list of 1000 USER_MASTER records but it was taking me 8.5 seconds on average, doing almost 1000 iterations and an average of 250 swaps per iteration!

I found that the heaviest opperation was the swap, so I tried the QuickSort because it takes less swaps to sort the list. Although on the first test I got the same list sorted in under 100ms, on average I'm getting the list sorted in under 200ms. That's a huge difference!

So if you need to sort a list using one of these algorithms, please do some tests to check which one is better for your type of sort.