Hi guys,

I'm facing a very weird issue.

I created a table and on that table I created a text attribute with size 2000.

A few days ago I had the need to increase the size and I raised it to 6000.

The problem is always I try to save more than 2000 characteres on that field I get the error that is in attach.

Someone can help me?


Diogo Miguel

Hi Diogo,

that means that the size wasn't actually updated in the database. Can you confirm that by going in the database?

If it has the new size that you mention, maybe its better just to report it to OutSystems support, but in the meantime just create a new attribute with the new size and start using that one.

You can that migrate data from the old attribute to this new one.

Hope it helps.



Hi Nelson,

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunatelly I do not have direct access to database so I still can't get the confirmation of the field size on database.

Creating a new field and migrate all old data to that new one it's the last thing that I want to do :)

P.S. Sorry for the late reply.


Diogo Miguel

OutSystems uses a different type when a text field has a length greater than 2000 (documentation here). I would expect a deployment error to occur if a type conversion could not be automatically made, so if that didn't happen you should report it to OutSystems support.

Meanwhile, like Nelson said, you should just create a new attribute and run a timer to migrate the data from the old attribute to the new one.

Hi João,

We don't had any deployment error, so we will report to Outsystems support.

Thank you for the reply.


Diogo Miguel