I'm having problems registering IOS devices on Pushwoosh service.

I've made all the configuration and everything seems to be ok.

When I register the IOS device I receive back the RegisterToken as expected. But when I check the Pushwoosh website the device is not registered. The same app on Android works just fine.

Any ideas of what might be wrong?



Hello João,

I'm assuming this is the same problem you reported here?



I have the same problem as JP.

I also came across the post Rodrigo mentions above and added the block to my layout_blank, still no change.

I contacted pushwoosh support to help, I they mentioned the Pushwoosh IOS SDK version (4.0.4.) was very old, and suggested to update it.

How do I do this?

Kind regards,


The latest plugin version on the Forge (vs 1.1.0) fixed my issues.