Outsystems and jboss use oracle connection pool

Outsystems and jboss use oracle connection pool



our stand in outssytems 9.1 + jboss 6.4.6 eap

We have some strange issue with one of our application in outsystems.

For some unknown reason application started to use to much oracle connections, i can see them in Oracle Developer, after publishing changes in app, it creates another 20-30 connection, and then another and so on, all previous  connections are in inactive status, till Oracle close connection pool, and we need to restart outsystems and jboss.

After some research was found ucp.jar in lib directory, which should be used for that, e.g. clean or reuse oracle connections of last published app. And if to copy ucp.jar to web-inf/lib of app jar file, all goes fine, for a some time, connections doesn't increase more than 60-100, but this is not a solution,

for now we have default oracle db connection param from the box and i don't know how to solve that problem.

Hi Pavel,

The Java stack is known for having some issues with the connection pools.

What's your platform version exactly? There are some versions that fix problems with the connection pools not being released after publishing espaces.

I had this problem in a 9.0.x version that was fixed in a higher version.

Hi João.

My ver is 9.1.300.2

Actually for now solution with copy "ucp.jar" works for now. And til now we dont have that problem. May it's caused by cleaning old versions of app