"Unset as home" disables responsive modules?

There's probably a good explanation for this, but I thought I'd post it in case there isn't...

If I have one of my modules set as home, I can make a new module as Responsive, Blank or Extension:

...but if I go in and Unset as home the home module...

...then the New Module only has Blank or Extension as the possibilities:

I'm in the process of refactoring things into "proper" layers and was going to put the responsive stuff in that new module, or I would not have noticed. Is there a reason for this particular rule?

-- Ritchie Annand

Hi Ritchie,

The home (or main) module usually defines the App Theme. Without it, Service Studio assumes that the App does not have a UI module (since it doesn't know which module defines the theme) and doesn't show that option to the user.

I thought it might be something along those lines. If I'd already deleted one, I might have been in trouble (at least, to the extent of having to build up from a blank). Thanks, João :)

-- Ritchie