[Office 365 Connector] Quickstart guide?

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Published on 2015-11-27 by João Martins
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Published on 2015-11-27 by João Martins


As it is now, the Office365Connector is quite abstract in its implementation. The demo is focussed/hardcoded on using outlook.office.com as the resource, so it would be greatly appreciated if there were to be a list of possible configurations /set ups for different means.

I myself am struggling with authenticating the user via Azure and returning the user details. The parameters used in the module aren't quite well defined, as there is no description for them.

As there seemingly are multiple people who can't quite figure this out, a step-by-step guide would be very handy (i.e. put client-id *here*, use your redirect url *here*, go to azure and replace this with that, etc)

Hello Lars,

This component's description is clear:

"The Office 365 connector allows OutSystems applications to seamlessly use the Azure OAuth authentication method thus enabling Office 365 email fetch APIs."

This is specific for fetching emails. I implemented this component in best effort while working on a project that needed to use this API, all the documentation to configure things on the Azure side were available on the link that is available on the components' configuration page, on the components' side you just needed to fill in those 4 fields, two of them coming from the Azure configuration and the other two are pretty clear if you take a look at the components' screenshots.

Can you clarify what is not clear for you?