Mobile app: use record list to populate screen

I have a more complex data structure i want to show on a page in my mobile app. I cannot use 'Fetch data from local storage', i need a record list to prepare the data so i made a client action to do that. But now i have the problem that i can't use the record list of this client action to populate my screen. It doesn't make a difference in which event of the page i call this client action.

Is there a remedy for this?

Best regards,

Leen Rietveld

Hi Leen,

I'm not sure what you mean by "I can't use the record list of this client action"? It is perfectly possible to do so (i.e. specify MyFunction.OutputList to a widget expecting a list as input).

Hi Leen,

You should not use any of the "Fetch..." actions, but you should try the Events "On..." of your screen.

You can find those in the Properties list of your screen.

  • The On Initialize runs before the screen is rendered and before the fetch actions start.
  • The On Ready runs after the static content is loaded, the fetch actions might not yet be finished.
  • The On Render runs after the screen is rendered and after every data change on the page (variable, aggregate or other data value)
  • The On Destroy runs after the screen is closed (Removed from the DOM)

Hope this helps,

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Remco Dekkinga


Why not use the Fetch actions? It should work without a problem. Yes, you can use one of the OnXxx Event Actions, but I don't see why you'd use them in this case.