Terminate a session

Terminate a session

I'd like to terminate a session during a mobile web flow so that an user won't be able to use his back button in IE. Or if there is another way to cancel the backbutton in IE.
I mean offcourse in a normal webflow, not a mobile webflow
A simple web search in google with
backspace disable ie
will lead to several useful resources. Eg:


In your webscreen, just insert a new expression widget, with property "Escape content" set to No:

function cancelBack(){
if ((event.keyCode == 8 && (event.srcElement.form == null
|| event.srcElement.isTextEdit == false))
|| event.keyCode == 37 && event.altKey
|| event.keyCode == 39 && event.altKey) {
event.cancelBubble = true;
event.returnValue = false;

Keep in mind that, with this solution, the browser's built-in toolbar Back/Forward buttons will still be available. Only backspace and related keys will be disabled.
Yes but that's exactly what I want not to be possible. That's why I would like to terminate the session because if you are no longer in the current session you won't be able use the back button in IE correctly.
Can you check if any of the two scenarios apply?

- The user is logged in and, when you do not want him to be able to access the web flow any more all you have to do is use the "logout" built-in function and the back button (that does not hit the cache) will not work a issue a security warning

- The pages have anonymous access and it really does not matter which session he has, because all sessions would give him access to the pages. If you have session variables what you can do is clear them.

Íf these do not apply can you write down an example of what you are trying to do?
The pages have anonymous access and I want to make sure that once the user is past a certain page he will not be able to succesfully go back to the previous page. And in my case it would be perfect if I could just at one point terminate the session so the user will not be able to go back to the previous page.
If the pages have anonymous access then it does not matter which session the user has. Even if you killed the session he could always use the back button and access the page with another session. What you can do is one of the two following options:

- Disable the back button all toghether (there are some scripts that kill all IE history). This is extremely intrusive and even "rude" because it limits all the usabilty options of the user

- Have a session variable (like currentstepnumber) that is checked in the begining of each screen and that makes sure the screens are presented in the right order. This way, when he clicks back he gets an error or is redirected to the right page.

I do not know if you know this, but you can have a page that is never shown and that only redirect to certain screens in the preparation. Check the attached file for an example.
unfortunately I can not read your sample espace because we haven't updated to the newest service studio yet because our server hasn't been updated yet either. But you have given me a few ideas on how to solve my problem. Thanks.