How to add links with dynamic URL's

Links with URL's that are calculated at runtime are great to create lists of favorite links.
Here's how to do it:
1 - Create an External Site in the Web Flow
2 - Connect a Web Screen to this External Site
3 - Edit the Web Screen and add a Link widget
4 - Select the External Site in the Link Destination property
5 - Use Expression Editor to fill the URL parameter

For more information see:
"Add Dynamic URL" in OutSystems Service Studio Help

What's missing in the steps above, is that you need to add add a dynamic URL to the External Site, as described in the mentioned help:

  1. Right-click in the External Site element in the Flow canvas or in the eSpace tree.

  1. Select the Add Dynamic URL operation.

  1. A special screen input parameter is created: the name of this parameter is URL. This input parameter is special in the sense that you must not change its name.

You are right, Kilian, thanks for the update