How to add links with dynamic URL's

How to add links with dynamic URL's


Links with URL's that are calculated at runtime are great to create lists of favorite links.
Here's how to do it:
1 - Create an External Site in the Web Flow
2 - Connect a Web Screen to this External Site
3 - Edit the Web Screen and add a Link widget
4 - Select the External Site in the Link Destination property
5 - Use Expression Editor to fill the URL parameter

For more information see:
"Add Dynamic URL" in OutSystems Service Studio Help

What's missing in the steps above, is that you need to add add a dynamic URL to the External Site, as described in the mentioned help:

  1. Right-click in the External Site element in the Flow canvas or in the eSpace tree.

  1. Select the Add Dynamic URL operation.

  1. A special screen input parameter is created: the name of this parameter is URL. This input parameter is special in the sense that you must not change its name.

You are right, Kilian, thanks for the update