Hello kind reader,

To start, I've tried the referenced module but the discussion area seems inactive.

I am using a log in for my application via microsoftonline, and I want to connect to Active Directory to get the user details. My current flow is the folllowing:

User clicks the login button and goes to login (spaces and line breaks are for readability):


&client_id=[my cient id] &redirect_uri=https:%2F%2Flarsdp.outsystemscloud.com%2FSanitechniekTijdsregistratie%2Fsuccess.aspx



I use '&resource=https://graph.microsoft.com/' in my url to acces Active Directory.

When the user is successfully logged in and redirected to the specified url, I want to get and show the user details. 

The Office_OAuth2_GetToken action requires a code and state parameter that I fetch from the redirect url after log in

When requesting the userinfo, I get a 401 unauthorized error

Am I using the wrong parameters (i.e. substracting them from the callback url and plugging them in the gettoken action), of am I simply using the module wrong? I'm at a loss here, any help would be appreciated.

Are you still having these issues?

The issue has been solved with the help of an extremely talented Outsystems engineer. It isn't feasible to write down what the exact issues were, they were plenty, so this can be removed if needed.