Mobile/WEB app - downloading seperate CSV File for each user help!


I've created a mobile app form which users can input information/text and it is then stored on a database, I've linked it to a web page which simply has a 'Download' button which users on the web page can click and download the info as a CSV file.

What I'd like to do is have individual users input some data into the mobile app, and get it saved on the database, and once the same user logs onto the web page and clicks Download, they can only download a CSV file of containing ONLY what they've input, not everything anyone has ever loaded into the mobile app form.

How would I be able to do this? Thanks!

Hi Samir,

In the entity where you are storing the information you should have some relation with the user that is filling the information. For example a UserId attribute.

Then when he goes to download the information you would just need to filter the aggregate by the UserId.


João Rosado

Hi Thank you João,

I need the 'employee name' to be the same as the name of the user (not the user name, the name assigned to the account.)

I keep getting this error when trying to apply the filter? what would you recommend? Thanks!


HR.App/EmployeeName = GetUser().User.Name 


Input parameter 'Id' in function 'GetUser' is mandority and must be specifeid.

To get the current user id to pass on that function you need to use the GetUserId() builtin function. 

So it will look something like GetUser(GetUserId()).User.Name


João Rosado