I would like to implement the "Sign Up" and "Log In" in the same web page.
For example, two buttons, one for Sign Up and other for Log In or two Forms, one for Log In and other for Sign Up and only after the user registers and/or logs in is redirected to the Home Page.

Is it possible implement this in this way?

Just for test, in Login page I created a link to a new "blank web page" and nothing happen.

For Sign Up web page I need additional information that does not exist in the system's "User" entity. I have to create a "UserExtendInfo" entity with that extra information, for example, birthdate and gender. (Gender, is a combo box. For that I need to create a "Gender" entity for populate that combo box)

It is possible with one "Save" Action, create a record in system's "User" entity and other in "UserExtendInfo" entity? Or I need to "clone" the system's "User" entity first?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Clara,

You need to extend the "User" entity and create as you suggested other "UserExtendInfo" entity, no need to clone the user entity first.

Your use case is "simple" and straight forward to achieve.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards

Hi Daniel Martins,

In Common/Login default web page I add a new container and inside that a web block - RegisterNewUser with a "Register" action for create a New User.

After run the Register action appears the success feedback message but when I check the data in the User entity the new user does not exist.



Hi Clara,

You will need to debug to see if CreateUser returns an id and check it directly in the database.

Is your application multi-tenant?

Is there any error logged on service center?