I'm having trouble with staying in the same position on a page on change.

I have tried using window.offset to find the Y coordinate and then using it in window.scrollto(0,Y) but the page always jumps from the place where I am to another position. 

It happens when I'm using the onChange on an input field and checkbox.

The inputfield and checkbox are in an accordion and I think that it has something to do with it.

Has anyone had the same problem and has a solution? I have tried various javascripts but nothing works.

HI Íris,

what does the logic associated with the checkbox do?

Does it do Ajax Refresh? What element?

Hi João.

It does an Ajax Refresh on the selected row of the table. But I think that it isn't the cause.  We have tried taking everything out of the logic, so it is just a Start bubble and an end bubble but it still jumps. We have tried using windows.scrollto(0,Y) (where Y is the coordinate of the screen when we pressed the box) and when we debug we get the correct position of the screen until the end bubble is excecuted. So it seems to us that the jumping occurs after the logic.

Is there any hidden mandatory field? Can it be jumping to the first invalid field it encounters? It's really odd...

No, there are no mandatory fields on the page. It jumps to a different part of the screen every time, we haven't been able to see any correlation with any other widget.

Hi Íris, we are encountering the same problem!

I know it has been a while but have you encountered a solution to this problem?

Kinds Regards,