[Camera Plugin] Camera plugin parameters hardcoded

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Published on 16 Apr by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 16 Apr by OutSystems R&D

Hi Folks,

I couldn't figure out why the camera plugin parameters are hard coded.

It seems to work fine for iPad.

So here is an unofficial, unsupported version with more options:

  • Quality
  • Target Height
  • Target Width
  • Allow Edit
    • this will allow you to crop the image before you use it.

Let's see what happens



I actually also felt the need to have height and width as input parameters and now I'm wondering:

- If I push these changes to production before the new build of the app is in the store, will it break? 

How should the process be in a case like this?

  • First the code and then the new build to the store for approval?
  • Try to do it at the same time?
  • First the build at the store and once it's approved I can push the latest code?

Will any of these options potentially break the usage of the app in production|?

Thank you

Hi Maria João,

I'm not 100% sure it needs a new build and this is because the plugin native code is the same, this "add-on" was just adding extra functionality on the javascript layer that was already implemented at a lower level.

However, I do suggest you do a test just to confirm.