[Web Previewer] Component does not preview for file-types other than image

Forge Component
Published on 2018-11-19 by Rui Mendes
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Published on 2018-11-19 by Rui Mendes

I tested the component in my personal environment and it works fine for most of the formats. But it gives me the following error when used in the SE private environment, for all file types except image.

Does one need to install any Microsoft add ons onto the environment for it to work? Can someone help?

The same here. In my personal environment and the sample of Rui Mendes it works fine, but in the enterprise environment that we have here, I get the same error as Abhishek. Clicking on the sample links, however, works fine.

Hi Abhishek and Daan.

The component requires access to the Google / Microsoft services, which can be blocked by your firewall.

Please make sure you have access to 'outside' services.



I'm using S3 storage as rest API, and when retrieving the document url and pass it to the tool I get the same issue with all file types except image.