Cannot bind from other project's database?

I'm working on a project where I use a shared database for an admin interface and a user interface, both of which should use the same database. So I created 3 projects, one with just the public database, a web app and a mobile app. I added the database to the mobile app project, and I want to drag and drop the entity to the screen to create a list from the database rows. However, drag-and-dropping doesn't work from the external database. From the picture below, I can drag and drop the tables Places and Todo, however, I can't do the same for the Logger table. Why? How could I show the data from that table?


It should be possible to drag-and-drop the entity to a new screen and this should create a list.

Can you share the attributes you have in the Logger entity?

Can you share the properties you set on the Logger entity and its attributes?

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Remco Dekkinga

Sometimes this means that the external Entity has not been 100% configured right, for example, if you have not marked a column as being the Identifier column. I would go back to Integration Studio and make sure that the Entity that is exposed is completely configured.