[Mobile] Selecting a value form a List on a different screen

Hi all,

I want to create the option in my app where the user can select one value from a List on a different screen. To understand better want I mean, I'll describe the steps below:

1. On the 'form screen' the user selects this 'option'/widget to select a value. I.e. user taps on 'List' as in the example shown below. As you can see 'List' has already a value: 'Taken prive'.

Then a new screen comes in, with an animated slide from Right to Left. In this screen a List is shown with one List-item selected already 'Taken prive':

The user selects a new list-item, for instance 'Daily Strikes', and afterwards the List screen disapears, animated from Left to Right and the new value is now shown in the List-option:

How could this be done in OutSystems?


- We'll need to use the List component along with the ListItem to show the items, setting the On Click event in the ListItem

- On the first screen implement a GetLocal aggregate to get the last value stored for this list item

- On the second screen, implement a GetLocal aggregate, and in this aggregate add a boolean variable with a logic to check the last value stored

- Sill on the second screen, implement a logic for the list item tapping event, to record the value on your local storage and, after that, call a javascript action to history.back to the previous screen

- Back to the first screen, implement an On Render action to refresh the aggregate you created in the second step, so the value gets updated when you come back to this screen

I guess that's it! Hope I haven't fogotten anything..


The Sidebar widget with a web block in it could also be an option to achieve the pattern you are looking for.

The steps indicated by Joao will work for the web block with the refresh of the aggregate taking place when the sidebar closes.