I have designed a mobile screen which is quite long. I have a main list containing data which can be edited. When I choose a record from the end of the main list, new screen appears, I edit data and save and then I am redirected back to the main list but at the begining of it (begin of the whole screen).

I would like to be redirected to the position where I left on the main screen which means that somehow I have to remember the scrollbar position.

Do you know a solution to that?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Michal,

I never used but I found this solution:


More details in: http://mrcoles.com/blog/scroll-sneak-maintain-position-between-page-loads/

Hope it helps you!

Hi Daniel,

I have checked this and it seems it does not work. 

Any other ideas?

Hi Michal,

Why not to use the simple approach to to link to a specific anchor on the page?


You could pass the #id of the root page by argument and load the page with the same #id. 

Hope it helps you!

Hi Daniel,

I am using a dynamic list that contains many elements and I am not sure if it will work. If I understand correctly I need to give an ID to each element of the list. How to do this in OutSystems?

Is there any way to get and set the scrollbar position?