Saving a Form with a widget that saves a data from a screen action

Hi. Good day. i'm new to outsytems and I'm having a hard time with this problem. i have a form and inside that form there's 2 input boxes, an expression and a button that saves data in an expression from a screen action(and an aggregate with 3 entities). now when that action is done i need to save everything that can be seen on that form the problem is it doesn't save the data on the expression. 

Please bare with my noviceness. Thank you.

Hi Jan

How are you providing inputs to the expression and how are you trying to save that in DB?

Hi Jan,

Maybe you can provide us with an example (attach .oml file), so we can then help you further.



Thank you for your reply. just found another way to answer my problem. Thank you so much

Hi Jan,

Can you please explain how you answered your problem and mark it as the Solution here? That way you can help others that may face similar problems...