Export source code and maintaint outside the platform


 May i know if the feature below are available:

 1. Source code of the app built-in the platform can be exported and maintained outside the platform.

 2. Can integrate with social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc)

 3. Can register or consume codes generated outside the platform.

 We are currently evaluating your product as we need to know the above requirements.



1) Do not think of the platform as being a code generator, but rather a facilitator for rapid development. But for your question there is a way to generate the code (.NET or Java) depending on the installation of your platform. But this only occurs when the contract is terminated and in the case request to generate the code.

2) Yes. There are some components developed at Forge (www.outsystems.com/forge), where it can be used to connect to some social networks. If some social network is not in the forge, you can create in .NET or JAVA a connector and add in the extensions of the platform.

3) Yes you can. It can be done in several ways, for example: Webservices, libraries, extensions, etc.