How to get field name dynamically

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I am working on Problem where I am using 2 table with same structure and data wish to compare the data from first table with second table with each column values dynamically without explicitly typing field name of tables using Loops. How can I get it done ?

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Hi Prasad,

Please ask your question once, posting it several times will not increase the reaction time.

In OutSystems this is not possible, you have to compare each value explicitly.

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Remco Dekkinga

Hi Prasad,

IMHO there's no other way than doing it explicity, Jquery/Javascript is a good choice if you want to display it on the UI, something like this:

If you need to do it in server side, you can compare two records using the compare operators, but you would need do to it in a for each.

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Daniel Martins

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. JQuery/JavaScript are out of scope for us. I am just comparing 2Entities (table) data and

I've already implemented For loop with my module where I am comparing fields from both table by using explicit  use column names.The existing code increase chances of maintainence of code in case of change /Add/Deletion of any field from entities and that case I need to change the code and in order to avoid this problem , I was looking using field name dynamically in inner for loop. ie using datacolumn  collection used in C# .net.

So If you have any idea of using 


Prasad Chaini 

Hi Daniel ,

In continuation with my above message, I wish to do it within outsystems environment without using integration studio.


Prasad Chaini