Radio button not found in mobile app


I am not able to find radio button option in mobile app.

Is there any equivalent control for that?

Please advice how can I implement radio button for mobile app.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,
Using radiobuttons on a mobile device isn't always that userfriendly and intuitive from an UX perspective.

There are a lot of other options depending on the amount of options for example.
The use of selection buttons (as Joao describes above), dropdowns with device specific touch controls (wheels) or popups/popovers with a selection list.


It would be nice to have that wheel as a control in the user interface sets for mobile, now it only comes as a popup for instance on a date edit field, anybody has this wheel as a control ? 

I ask this because in our App for a big customer having to click extra to get the wheels to select a date without any control about what happens there (and how it looks) isn't nice, for instance selecting a date in the past isn't allowed, but only checkable after the user has selected a date. Not having all those extra click means only seconds in time for one user, but the app will be used by about 2000 users each day so those seconds add up quickly ..