Input_FocusFirstInvalid does not focus at the correct position


i'm trying to use Input_FocusFirstInvalid so that the UI will direct the user to the first invalid field after user clicks submit. 

However, it seems like it did not focus at the correct position hiding the invalid field. Below shows the two cases.

Case that i encountered:

Case that that i wish to achieve:

All the four combo boxes are in a webblock.


It seems like it works fine when using Chrome but not for IE. Most of my users are using IE.

Any Idea why does this happen? 



I'm hitting the same issue. Can someone advise on any good solutions?


I'm facing this problem too, anyone have any idea why? My Input_FocusFirstInvalid seems like its isn't working.

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys!

Another case for the queue! In the Chrome, the focus appears on the middle of the page (pretty good :) ). With Firefox, it's on top and faces the problem!

Thanks in advance!

We are getting the same issue, 

it works fine in chrome, but in firefox and ie, the box just isn't focussed. 

I'm having the same issue. 'Focus first invalid' works fine on chrome, but on firefox, IE and Edge, the first invalid input field is hidden behind the header. Does it take the header into account on these browsers?

It would be great if there is a solution for this, because from a UX point of view, the user doesn't know what's going on and has to scroll up a bit to fix that input.

Kind regards,


another in queue ! i have table with horizontal scroll bar.. focus doesn't appear to particular field making the table to scroll horizontally to that input only.