iOS and RichWidgets\Input_Calendar

I am using the RichWidgets\Input_Calendar widget for the user to pick a Date Time and on iPhones it uses the native iOS Date Time picker, which is fine, but it returns the Date Time in a wrong format: e.g. "Jun 26, 2017, 1:46PM" instead of something like "2017-06-26 13:46:00". How would I correct this to get the right format into my input variable?

Thanks, Denis.

Any suggestions on the above?

Hi Denis,

I believe this is a bug in the Platform/RichWidgets, we're running into the same problem.

Thanks Kilian! Yes, I am finding the same and I am not able to work around it at all....I reported it to OS support, but they have responded that they are not able to reproduce the error!

I'll ask around here, see whether we reported it.


Have you found a solution for this issue mates ? 

I'm facing this issue too 

Thanks in advance.

Im with same problem, IOS change DateTime format.

The IOS stops even before submit form. its doing some ios validation before submit.

Any solution?

Hi All, 

I'm also facing the same problem with the date time picker. Any luck?

I am facing a similar issue when using the date picker. Works fine in the browser test, but in outsystems now on an ios device the datetime picker throws an error on the fields.