ImageConverter Extension

ImageConverter Extension

I am about to use the imageconverter extension in one of my espaces and I would like to know which options I can exactly use with the extension. I know a few because they are used in other espaces but I was wondering if there is a list I can use to see which options are available.

Hi Jan,

the imageconverter extension is a wrapper to the ImageMagick "convert" utility. The complete list of available options is available online:
If you need help with a specific conversion please contact us.
thanks, that will help a lot.
I'm finding the ImageConverter extension really nice to use to accomplish a number of things. But now I want to use even more options from the imagemagick package like the animate function instead of the convert function. Because I want to make an animated gif from a couple of images and I can't use the convert function for that. I was wondering if I could maybe get some help in making an extension to do this myself or maybe this could be implemented in the imageconverter extension.

Hi Jan,

Attached to this post you can find the code we use in to implement the "Convert" action using the external "convert.exe" command. With small changes you can adapt it to use other external tools like the "animate.exe".
If you have any problems, please contact us.

thanks, that what I needed. I think I can use this to implement the animate function.
I'm upgrading the CMS component to v6 and now when I want to upload a resource (PNG,JPG) I get an error on the ImageConverter stating
"The system can not find the specified path

Do I need to set write-rights somewhere ?
Anybody any clues ?
ImageMagick used to be bundled with the Agile Platform up until 4.2. That extension is probably taking advantage of that. Since 5.0, WAP flows are no longer supported, and ImageMagick was only needed to support them, so in 6.0 we stopped bundling it. I suggest you embbed ImageMagick in the extension.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra

I've just uploaded a new version of the ImageConverter extension to allow upgrade to Agile Platform 6.0.

Basically, now the extension contains the ImageMagick binaries, as Gustavo suggested.

Also, I've added a quick note how to se a different version of the ImageMagick and how to use binaries outside the extension (in a specifi file system location).

João Portela